Yellow is the colour of our new site...


After a long wait we have finally launched the all new Teacake Factory. We hope you waste many hours of the day trawling through our latest and greatest efforts! Feedback will be gratefully received but only if it boosts our egos and makes us feel proud, any negative comments will be systematically ignored and banished from our blog!

A massive thank-you goes to Sebastian Matthes of both Manox and Freitags fame. Without his expert camera work we would have been left angry and frustrated by poor quality, fuzzy, obscure shots taken on a cheapo digital camera!

Thanks also goes to Night and Day who kindly. let us play in their loft.

All those who have worked with us so far, we hope you will continue to do so and for those who haven't yet... what are you waiting for?!

Long live Teacake.