If you've got the money oh oh oh...

Each month we will be bringing you our pick of products. From books to boats, if we like the look we will be posting... Below are a few things that have caught our eye.

Cote Et Ciel iPhone pouch in a slimline design, using two layers of the highest quality suede microfibre for a clean touch screen. Reinforced by a light PVC structure for easy opening. BUY

THE SMALL STAKES - MUSIC POSTERS BOOK - JASON MUNN Renowned graphic artist Jason Munn—the one-man operation behind the studio The Small Stakes—is a leader in modern-day music poster design. Collected here for the first time are over 150 of his iconic posters for various bands, including Beck, Wilco, Built to Spill, the Flaming Lips, the Pixies, and many more. Unique in their conceptual elegance, Munn's silk-screened posters are widely appreciated for perfectly evoking each artist or band's character and distinctive sound. This book is a beautiful celebration of art and music. BUY

Weaver Moccasin Waterbird Shoe - Made in Portugal, hard to find outside of Japan. BUY

Goodhood Umbrella - Wooden Handled Umbrella great in all 'types' of rain. BUY