Above MARK MURRAY.TV marks a work in progress

A lot has been going on in recent months here at Teacake. With Graham moving to London and Rob staying in Salford the Factory has had to evolve... Rob has moved into a new studio space kindly given to him by the wonderful people at 999 Design where Teacake is now being run full time.

We have been busy working with good friend Nick Greenwood to launch Karina Lax's new site

We have also been working with Manchester Metropolitan University on a joint project with The NHS. Expect to see images soon. The work is back from the printers but needs to be photographed - which brings in nicely our next bit of news we are currently working with Manchester photographer Sebastian Matthers - ( Warehouse Project Resident photographer - Manox) who is going to be shooting images for our new website on location at Night & Day Cafe. Theirs a sneek peek of the location below and also a section of initial logo marks we have created for Seb.

As with the Mark Murray.tv logos above we will let you know how the work progresses over the next few weeks!!