Land Securities

Readers of our Blog will be aware that recently we worked on a project for Land Securities. Land Securities won our services via a design auction held at St Brides London, were we offered "free creative serves on a project brief, to the highest bidder."

The brief set by LS was for us to produce a poster set for their environmental conference, themed ‘Past, Present and Future’ held at Kew Gardens London.

We are currently in the process of photographing the work for our new site however Micheal Johnson as written a great piece about the project with quotes from Land Securities and images of not only the final pieces but a section of our early ideas!

You can find all of this on the Johnson Banks blog -
"Thought Of The week"

To of worked with Land Securities and Michael Johnson has been a great pleasure!!

Please now go to his Blog for more of a detailed account of the project.

Land Securities
Johnson Banks