Teacake's Friends - Part Two

Dom and Ink (also known as Dominic Evans) is an illustrator living in Manchester and London. After graduating from Manchester School of Art in 2008, Dom went on to complete an MA in Illustration at The University of Brighton where he started producing work for the Brighton Museum and Art Gallery, Amelia's Magazine and The Shoreditch Fashion Show (amongst others). 
His first book, Map My Heart is released in November (Summersdale Publishing) and explores relationships - '...it's about how people meet, fall in love, break up, wallow and then pull yourselves together for round two.  It will make you laugh and think, pour out your innermost thoughts and doodle away your angst, scrawl swear words and rip out it's pages'.
You can pre order the book on Amazon for only £8.67.  Bargain. 
Check out his website here.  

- Jennifer