The Story of a Mug

'The Story of a Mug, Greetings from the factory' is a new book by Hanna Nilsson and Sofia Østerhus of Byggstudio (Stockholm) published by Everyday Life Books by Apartamento Magazine, with the support of Iittala. Counting a total of 96 pages, The Story of a Mug is the first improved English version of Historien om en Mug, the original Swedish self-published booklet by Byggstudio as part of Iittala’s Local Mug Initiative, launched in Europe in 2008.

Byggstudio held a pop-up café in Stockholm to celebrate the launch of Story of A Mug. The café concept was an interpretation of the themes of the book - such as a long table made as a historical mug timline. Cakes and coffee were served accoringly to each time period. They also organized related activities such as a café coffee painting artist and a large coffee klatsch party with especially designed cakes.